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First Vienna (November 2015)

First Vienna relies on LED floodlight of AAA-Lux.

The artificial pitch at the youth centre of First Vienna FC 1894 is shining in a new splendour since October 2015. Twelve LED floodlights from AAA-Lux now ensure optimal training conditions at Spielmanngasse 8 in the 20 th Viennese district even during evening hours.

These lights offer an even mid-range illumination level of over 170lx.

Due to the fact that the training space is located in a densely built area, it was important to not disturb residents. AAA-Lux’ lights succeeded in providing glare-free and directed illumination, which minimises light pollution.

Additionally, the trainer and the grounds man have the possibility to wirelessly switch or dim the lights using a so-called Switchbox. For example, when one half of the pitch is used, it is possible to illuminate only this part by pushing a button.

For this reason the already energy-saving LED technology saves additional power.

In cooperation with OE-Tronic GmbH, AAA-Lux was able to realise the first football pitch in Austria running on long-lasting LED technology from AAA-Lux.

It is often believed that FC Chelsea, the famous club from London , was the first one worldwide to convert its stadium to LED technology. However, the first stadium with LED illumination was completed in Belgium with AAA-LUX flood lights: the stadium of FC Hoogstraten.

Kurt Garger, athletic director of First Vienna: “For us it is an absolute pioneer project in Austria and we are proud to be the first club in Austria who has taken a LED system from AAA-Lux in operation…”

OE-Tronic, AAA-Lux, Vienna, November 2015
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