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Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts)

Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts), a solution for vertical indoor greenery, was developed in cooperation with the company Tech-Metall.

The flexible, freely installable green wall elements establish an optimal, oxygen-rich indoor climate and, subsequently, have a positive influence on the well-beings of humans. The green colour of the plants are aesthetically attractive and, thus, have a calming and relaxing effect on humans, which in turn positively influences their health. In order to better grow the plants when there is little direct daylight, the greenery elements can be equipped with LEDs by request.

The application range of Grünwandsteher is from flats and houses through schools to office space, in which greening is desired while at the same time using minimal floor space. Grünwandsteher have a water tank with fully automatic irrigation, which is monitored by a control computer.
Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts) Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts) Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts)
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