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First Vienna (November 2015) First Vienna (November 2015)

First Vienna relies on LED floodlight of AAA-Lux.

The artificial pitch at the youth centre of First Vienna FC 1894 is shining in a new splendour since October 2015. Twelve LED floodlights from AAA-Lux now ensure optimal training conditions at Spielmanngasse 8 in the 20 th Viennese district even during evening hours.

These lights offer an even mid-range illumination level of over 170lx. more...
Lighthouse project Großschönau (2014) Lighthouse project Großschönau (2014)

The project of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) shows the connection between building greenery, building technology and power engineering. It presents the innovative state of the art with the collaboration of 16 partners from economy and research.

Planting over buildings provides living space for animals and plants as well as observation space for humans. more...
Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts)   Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts)

Grünwandsteher (literally green wall posts), a solution for vertical indoor greenery, was developed in cooperation with the company Tech-Metall.

The flexible, freely installable green wall elements establish an optimal, oxygen-rich indoor climate and, subsequently, have a positive influence on the well-beings of humans. The green colour of the plants are aesthetically attractive and, thus, have a calming and relaxing effect on humans, which in turn positively influences their health. In order to better grow the plants when there is little direct daylight, the greenery elements can be equipped with LEDs by request. more...
Spar Hungary Spar Hungary

More than 2200 light points were exchanged for economical LED Retrofit light sources from the company OE-Tronic in the Interspar Market Székesfehérvár in Hungary.

Due to this, power consumption was reduced by more than half while at the same time providing higher and more even illumination.

Additional motion detectors in various lamps achieve further energy saving.

Special end of aisle spotlights illuminate the end of each shelf and its posters. more...
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